Thursday, March 8, 2012

All Things Bridesmaids!

I'm so excited to spend a whole weekend with all of my bridesmaids at the end of April! Read's mom has been putting together AMAZING goodie bags for all of the girls- I can't wait to see them open them at the rehearsal dinner. I'm also excited to give them their gifts from me! I hope they like everything. 

This post is dedicated to all things bridesmaids. Some may be pictures of things that we are doing!

This is the dress that 3 of my girls will be wearing. 

My sister is the maid of honor and will be wearing this dress.

These monogrammed shirts are too cute for the morning of the wedding. 

Love the long blue ones!! But they definitely need some monogramming!

Here are some other Lilly bridal parties! Love it!

There is a jewelry store in Boston called JoJoLovesYou and I stumbled across it on a wedding blog. I fell in love with the jewelry and my bridesmaids will be wearing a pair of earrings but I won't say which pair!

These are the shoes the girls will be wearing. I've heard nothing but good things on wedding blogs about how comfortable they are!

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  1. Yay print bridesmaid dresses are cute. Your girls are going to look great!