Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Almost my Bridal Shower!!!

It's almost my bridal shower in my hometown and I CANNOT wait! I'm so excited that 3 of my bridesmaids will be there including my two friends from Ohio. The whole shower is a surprise and I can't wait to see who is coming. I know that my mom and sister will have planned a great party- they always do! Read's mom and my grandmother are also making the trip from out of town. We will have a full house but it will be a blast. After the shower we can just have a few cocktails and relax on Saturday night. 

Not only will I have my shower but Read and I will meet with the priest that is marrying us for the first time as a couple. I've known him since I was 12 and we are so excited he is able to marry us. He is funny and serious all at the same time. 

My girls are also able to come with me to my dress fitting and the cake tasting! So excited to taste the cake- even though I gave up sweets for Lent. I'm only getting married once :)! I can't wait for them to see my dress in person- they've seen photos but it's much prettier in person. 

I'm still leaning towards a simple white cake with flowers on top. If they are able to do our new monogram I think I will add that too. Something like this:

These flowers look very similar to what we will have as our cake topper. So simple yet classic. 

In other exciting wedding news: OUR INVITATIONS ARRIVED!!!

I haven't seen them in person yet but my mom sent me a picture and they are gorgeous. Completely opposite of what I thought I originally wanted but they are just perfect for our look and feel of the wedding. I can't wait to see them in person this weekend. The calligraphy on the envelopes are gorgeous! And even though there were a few mistakes we didn't catch, the company has been wonderful to work with. If anyone is looking for wedding invitations I would definitely recommend Reave's Engraving in NC. They gave us a great price for letterpress invitations and even included the actual letterpress in the package of invitations. Maybe I will have to frame them in our house somewhere. 

These are not our invitations but this is the company that we used. They do have a similar feel though. 

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