Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Wadrobe

This isn't really wedding related but a collection of adorable summer clothes that I would LOVE to have. Plus they would be pretty cute for our honeymoon :). I found Elizabeth McKay through FB and love everything on her site. As I've stated before I am obsessed with anything coral so this tunic is perfect.

I also have an obsession with ruffled tops and dresses.

I also LOVE Kate Spade!!! One of my first obsessions in high school. I adore her clothes but unfortunately they are not super affordable on a teacher's salary! I've seen this dress in a few places but fell in love with it when I saw it in Real Simple Magazine. If only it was more affordable!

Shoshanna is another favorite of mine. Her dresses are great...I wore one to a wedding we attended last weekend. This is one I would love for the next wedding we are going to!

Shoshanna Ikat Pocket Shift Dress


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beaded Belts

So my dress comes with a ribbon but the last time I tried on my dress the sales woman had me try on some beaded belts with the dress instead. I was sold....until she told me the price. The one I loved was over $400. That's just insane for a belt. Even if it is for my wedding. So off I went to Etsy to find a similar belt for a reasonable price. I'm not sure what color ribbon I want yet. Maybe nude or pale pink. What do you think of the following belts?!

Kala our Custom made rhinestone, crystal, and silver beaded bridal sash or belt with ribbon tie for your wedding gown or favorite black dress

Made by BCGirls

Crystals pearls and glass beads silvery sash or headband

Lovely rhinestone and pearl bridal sash

Modified Rhinestone and Pearls bridal sash longer rhinestone detail

Sparkle Rhinestone and Pearls bridal sash

Rhinestone and Pearls bridal sash in black

Last 4 made by icing101

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lilly on Etsy!

Lilly Pulitzer and Etsy- two of my most favorite things. Here are a few things I've found that are using Lilly fabric or just remind me of the style of Lilly. 

If I had an apron like this....maybe I would be in the kitchen more! How adorable!

         Lilly Pulitzer Half Apron in Umbrella Flowers

Lilly Pulitzer Half Apron in Umbrella Flowers

made by lwhelan

      Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Towel Set

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Towel Set 

made by MaureenAdams

Anyone that knows me well knows that I have a small obsession with anything beachy- especially anything coral. This blanket would match my summer bedding perfectly! 

             LILLY PULITZER Quilted Blanket 

LILLY PULITZER Quilted Blanket - cotton sateen and linen

These following cuffs are not Lilly but would look so cute with any Lilly ensemble. I especially love the lobster one!

Pink Seahorse Leather Cuff Bracelet- Limited Edition  Lobster Jeweled Leather Cuff Bracelet- OOAK

Green Seahorse Jeweled Leather Cuff Bracelet- Limited Edition  Turquoise and Coral Jeweled Leather Cuff Bracelet-- Limited Edition

Lilac Star Jeweled Leather Cuff Bracelet-- OOAK  Birds of a Feather Jeweled Leather Cuff Bracelet-- Limited Edition

They were all made by Lulu Jewels

I've also come across a jewelery designer that makes beautiful earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Any of her designs would look great with Lilly or any other outfit- dressed up or down. And with everything being under $50 you can't beat the price either!

Aqua Glass Gold Trimmed Earrings  Pastel Color Blocks Earrings

Clear Crystal Pears in Gold Setting Earrings Three Flowers and Pearl Post Earrings

 Teal Glass Floral Earrings  

Three Flowers and Pearl Bracelet

All jewelery made by JuliesAdorableBowls

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner Looks

So while looking at websites for possible bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses I came across some adorable dresses for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. Some are meant to be bridesmaids dresses but are available in white and I could wear them again. 

The first one is yellow but I could get it in white. Love the collar and the bow.

In white. 

The Zoe dress from Lula Kate is my favorite but the price is a little steep! This is their wedding dress version but it can be made into a mini dress with the ruffle collar top. 

This is the shorter version in green. 

Of course I could always go with Lilly Pulitzer to fit into the whole theme of the wedding- preppy and Lilly. These are a few that are adorable and that I could definitely wear again.

Adelson Shift Jacquard

Shayna Dress Lace

Lela Shift Lace

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Photographer!

We booked our photographer and I couldn't be more excited to work with them. I love their style! Check out a slideshow of a wedding they shot in NY. 

Amelia and Lee

They've been featured on many wedding and photography blogs but I've also seen them on my favorite wedding blog of all- Style Me Pretty.

Image #100490

Image #100493

Image #100484


A wedding they shot in Toronto. 

Image #157231

Image #157288

Image #157294


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Found this picture of Neshanic Valley Golf Course at night. It's so beautiful at night- I can't wait until next year!

We're hoping to put lanterns on all the tables out on the porch. I think it will be beautiful at night. 

We've been thinking about table cloths. Originally we wanted white table cloths with the only color on the table being the flowers. The more pictures I look at on wedding websites I'm thinking about using color in some way. What do you think of this table? I like the pop of pink (maybe not SO bright) but not on the back of the chairs.

What about the pink? I think I'm leaning towards the pink since the building is the pale green. Our tables are not round but oblong and should fit between 8 and 10 people. 

The grove‘s existing paper lanterns, brick-paved patio and manicured lawn fit into the wedding‘s classic style.

Regardless of the color of the table cloths the chiavari chairs are a must. We saw the room with the chairs that are provided and they were hideous! Now we just have another decision to make- what color chairs and what color seat! But we have time :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Something Blue

I've always loved sapphires (even before the royal wedding) hence the sapphires in my engagement ring. I can't help but look at other sapphire rings and earrings out there and wishing one of them could be my 'something blue' :). Ross Simons has one of the best collections of sapphire jewelery I have seen. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Some are definitely more affordable than others but I love them all! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So I am hoping to include our pugs in the wedding somehow! Even if it is only in our pictures. But I found this adorable hankie at Lydia and Pugs. I don't know if I would want it around my bouquet but it would be adorable to have for the day of the wedding. 

Wedding Bridal Hankie

Wedding Bridal Hankie

How cute would Chloe be as a flower girl?! Too bad she can be so naughty! The church wouldn't allow dogs anyway. So we will have to make due without them there. How adorable is this pug as a flower girl?

The pugs have been NUTS lately! They have so much energy and they don't know what to do with it. We took a trip to the dog park yesterday. They loved running around with the big dogs. Unfortunately Chloe had to start picking on a poor little Min Pin and we had to leave. 

Here are my little stinkers. Both rescued from the Ohio Pug Rescue. Can't wait to order them their special collars for the wedding. Jersey will get a green seersucker bow tie and Miss Chloe will get a seersucker collar with a felt hydrangea flower.  We will start practicing our poses for the photographer as we get closer to the wedding ;).