Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So I am hoping to include our pugs in the wedding somehow! Even if it is only in our pictures. But I found this adorable hankie at Lydia and Pugs. I don't know if I would want it around my bouquet but it would be adorable to have for the day of the wedding. 

Wedding Bridal Hankie

Wedding Bridal Hankie

How cute would Chloe be as a flower girl?! Too bad she can be so naughty! The church wouldn't allow dogs anyway. So we will have to make due without them there. How adorable is this pug as a flower girl?

The pugs have been NUTS lately! They have so much energy and they don't know what to do with it. We took a trip to the dog park yesterday. They loved running around with the big dogs. Unfortunately Chloe had to start picking on a poor little Min Pin and we had to leave. 

Here are my little stinkers. Both rescued from the Ohio Pug Rescue. Can't wait to order them their special collars for the wedding. Jersey will get a green seersucker bow tie and Miss Chloe will get a seersucker collar with a felt hydrangea flower.  We will start practicing our poses for the photographer as we get closer to the wedding ;).

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