Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Cake tasting is something I think both Read and I are looking forward to. I'm not sure what we want exactly but I'm hesitant about getting fondant. I've ordered it for his birthday cake in the past and the taste was not pleasant even though it looked fantastic. I'm pretty sure we want a more simple style cake but I can't help but admire the more glamorous cakes!

This cake has the exact cake stand my mom has purchased for our wedding day. I'm in love with it!! 

Image #245047

This next cake is absolutely beautiful but I'm not sure if it is us.

Image #179452

This cake would be perfect for an outdoor and more casual wedding. Especially if the bride wanted a cake table with various cakes.

Image #156592

This is so beautiful and simple. Just what we are looking for.

Image #132517

All previous cakes can be found at Style Me Pretty

The following cakes are my favorites on The Knot. Very simple but also beautiful!

When Brandi couldn’t decide exactly what she wanted in her wedding cake, she ended up showing the baker a picture of her gown. The baker then came up with the quilted pattern, which she used on the top and bottom tier of the cake. Leftover flowers from th...

The wedding cake was a three-layer raspberry swirl butter pound cake, with buttercream icing and celery green fondant, but guests had to wait to get their hands on a slice -- though the cake was on display at the reception, it wasn’t served until the next...

The deep chocolate framboise cake was filled with dark chocolate mousse and studded with fresh raspberries. The cake was iced in buttercream, then covered in light green fondant, and topped with fresh pink hydrangeas.

Instead of adding fresh blooms to their buttercream-frosted cake, Amy and Lawrence opted for clay ones. They took them home after the wedding as colorful keepsakes.

Trend: Believable ColorsOpt for organic, sophisticated, and edible cake colors -- not a Crayola kaleidoscope. Think peachy pink, not Barbie pink; go lime green, not dark green; do robin‘s egg blue, not bright blue. If you want a bold hit of color, fo...

Which ones are your favorites? I have no idea which one to go with!

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  1. My favorite is the top one... but I'd like to see it in green fade (the color from the third to last cake) instead of yellow, with pretty pink flowers bundle together in a spot or two.