Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Save The Dates

I know that most of the save the dates that we have received have been magnets (and we will probably have magnets as a part of our save the date too) but there are so many fun options out there!! 

If you are having a wedding in Atlantic City or Las Vegas these are perfect! And it looks pretty easy to make your own scratch offs.

Scratch-Off Save-the-Date How-To

The following save the date would fit very well into our pink and green theme. Plus it's unique and could be hung somewhere around the house.

We had custom match books made for our wedding reception but these are a cute idea for the save the date as well. 

All ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings

We will probably use something like this. They are made by a vendor on Etsy and would be perfect for our theme. They are almost identical to my bridesmaids dresses. But I am still contemplating if it is what I really want to do. What do you think?

Save the Date Magnets for the Lilly Pulitzer lover

There is always the photo card save the date and these are simple but classy. We could do the ribbon in a green or pink instead of blue.


  1. Ok, are you ready for me to blow your mind? Amy Parker... in the Lilly save the date... is a real person. And is really dating Tyson. She was me and Mel's sorority sister. Although they're not engaged and didn't get married on that date. At least per facebook. So not sure how that happened, LOL. But this world just gets smaller and smaller...

    My favorite is the scratch off... I think that's so fun and I've never seen it before!

  2. That is absolutely nuts!!! I thought it was hilarious that I had read your blog the night before I talked to Melissa! So do you know the Etsy artist ;) ;)

  3. LOL nope, no idea. But I'm sure she must, right?